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Project Time:20 minutes

Gallery walls are always fun.  Whether visiting a museum, an art gallery or someone’s home, gallery walls tend to draw me in. Gallery walls tell a story; you can share the unique places you have been or pictures of your loved ones.  There is always an empty wall in a house, whether in your entryway or hallway, there is always room to hang photographs.

DIY Gallery Wall



  1. Measure your space and decide how many frames you would like to hang.
  2. Decide on spacing.
  3. Starting with a frame in the middle of the wall, choose where you would like to hang your photos.
  4. Print images directly from your smart device to your HP printer.
  5. Add pictures to the frames.
  6. Hang

Note: My frames were 20 inches square.  I wanted 1 inch in between each frame.  So from my mid-point, I just measured 21 inches across, left and right and used the same measurements for the second row.

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Tisa Jackson

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