DIY Fun Selfies with Sprocket

DIY Fun Selfies with Sprocket 1,250 views

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Project Time:5 minutes

Take all the selfies you want and then share them with your friends! Take selfies alone or squeeze in some friends, you can print multiple copies of each image with your Sprocket. The photobooth option in the Sprocket app is easy to use and include 4 photos you take one, right after another, just like a traditional photobooth.

Did you know you can take selfies right in the Sprocket app? You can take one photo at a time or use the photobooth option to take a series of 4 photos. Then edit the photos, print and share. Find the option by clicking on the photo icon in your Sprocket app and then clicking the small rectangle in the lower left of the photo screen.



  1. Take selfie photos using the photobooth option in the Sprocket App.
    DIY Fun Selfies with Sprocket
  2. Edit the photos right in the Sprocket app. You can change photo colors, add fun “wearable” stickers and include a colorful border if you’d like.
    DIY Fun Selfies with Sprocket
  3. Print your selfie and share with your friends.

DIY Fun Selfies with Sprocket

Selfie photo tips:

  • Stand in a sunny room or outside to get the best lighting.
  • Hold the camera slightly above your head and point down towards yourself for a great angle.
  • When taking pictures with friends, stand a little sideways to allow for more room to fit everyone in and a little more arm-length for your camera.

Have fun with your selfies and print your favorites to share with your friends!

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