DIY Drawing T-Shirt Transfer

DIY Drawing T-Shirt Transfer 2,519 views

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Project Time:30 minutes

Kids will love putting their artwork on a t-shirt to wear themselves or to make as a gift!

My daughter loves drawing, and her pictures are hanging up all over the house. She drew a picture of a dog and sighed that she wished she could wear that puppy on a shirt. With a little help from HP, we were able to make her fashion dream come true by transferring her drawing to a t-shirt that she can wear to display her latest piece of art!

DIY Drawing T-Shirt Transfer



Draw a picture. It can be anything you want! My daughter drew in pencil on white copy paper first, then we traced it with a black marker. Color in the drawing with colored pencils. Cut out your drawing.

DIY Drawing T-Shirt Transfer

Place the drawing face-down on the scanner of the HP ENVY Photo Printer. Close the lid and follow the promptings on the printer screen for emailing the scanned image to yourself.

DIY Drawing T-Shirt Transfer

Open the image up on your computer or your mobile device. Crop the image if needed. Next, be sure to flip the image horizontally, or mirror it so that it’s backwards. This will make your image the right direction when it’s ironed on.

Send the image to print. In the settings, be sure to select “Fit to Page” instead of “Fill Page”. This will ensure that your image stays the same size instead of filling an entire iron-on transfer sheet. Load the iron-on transfer sheet into the printer and print the image out.

DIY Drawing T-Shirt Transfer

Use scissors to carefully cut the image out on the iron-on transfer sheet.

DIY Drawing T-Shirt Transfer

Place the iron-on transfer sheet image-side down where you want the drawing to be on your t-shirt. Heat up an iron to the highest heat setting and iron the drawing onto the shirt following the package directions.

DIY Drawing T-Shirt Transfer

Let the shirt cool for at least one minute. Carefully lift up an edge of the iron-on transfer sheet and slowly peel it away from the shirt to reveal your drawing!

DIY Drawing T-Shirt Transfer

Wear your shirt and proudly display your artwork! These kinds of shirts would also make great gifts for kids, parents, and grandparents!

DIY Drawing T-Shirt Transfer

Hope you have fun creating custom t-shirts featuring your own artwork!

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