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Project Time:15 minutes

It’s that time again, time to start decorating those dorm rooms and turn them into our very own magical space. Let’s be real, all dorm rooms and apartments can look very shabby in the beginning but you can easily transform them in no time using products you can buy at your local craft store.

In today’s post I will be using the HP Sprocket Plus Printer! This is the new Sprocket Plus and the pictures are a little bigger than the original 2×3 pictures. The HP ZINK paper is 2.3×3.4 and they have an adhesive backing which makes it super snazzy! Did I mention this device does not use any ink which is a win for anyone, right!

One of my favorite things about this device is it connects seamlessly to Bluetooth. Let’s get started!



First thing you will do is hang up your Christmas lights. Have fun with this process because you can string them in so many different directions! I wanted my lights to look droopy so I hung them like smiley faces.

I used mini clothes pins that I dyed myself using any store bought dye. Once they were dyed I let them dry overnight and they were ready to use!

Now it’s time to make our fun pictures. Turn your Sprocket on and make sure you have the Sprocket APP downloaded on your phone. Once you turn on the Sprocket it will sync up to your phone. When this happens you will hit allow on your phone. You simply pick the photo you want and hit the green button at the bottom of your app. Voila, your picture will magically come out of the device!

I am always amazed how great the color of the photos come out considering they do not use any ink at all!

One awesome function with the Sprocket is you can have a queue of pictures lined up in the app so you don’t have to sit there and wait for each one to come out! I love this function!

Once I hung up all of my lights and attached the Sprocket photos to them, it was time to stare in amazement.

This room now looks like a fairy land. I shot a picture where the lights were completely blurry and I think I will print this one out on the Sprocket and put it in my bedroom. It just makes me happy…

I hope you everyone has a great school year!

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