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Project Time:30 minutes

There are two things seriously lacking the world today: actual mail and donuts. Be honest. If someone surprised you with a handwritten note or a dozen donuts right this minute, it would make your whole day, wouldn’t it? Brighten your friend’s day by sending them a donut themed post card just because you love them.

DIY Donut Postcards



  1. Download the free donut graphics. (Download)
  2. Open HP Photo Creations and choose to create a postcard (located under the ‘Cards’ category).
  3. Add the donut graphics to the front of the postcard. DIY Donut Postcards
  4. Personalize the back of the postcard however you choose.
  5. Print the postcards on HP Matte Brochure Paper. Be sure to follow the prompts for two-sided printing.
  6. If desired, add “sprinkles” to the donuts using craft glue and glitter. DIY Donut Postcards
  7. Cut the postcards apart.
  8. Add your personal message, the address, and a stamp. DIY Donut Postcards
  9. Mail the postcard knowing you have just made someone’s day! DIY Donut Postcards

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