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Project Time:25 minutes

Customize your front porch this season with this cute personalized doormat. Use the templates in this tutorial or make your own to make it more fun. You can add your household name, make your own quote, or use only patterns. Whatever you choose, your guests will be sure to love it as they walk through the door. It gives your home character.



  1. Start by printing out the font (Download). The design shown in this tutorial comes in five separate sheets.

  1. Once printed, cut out the black text with a detail knife. It’s more precise than scissors but can also be accomplished with scissors. This will create your stencil.

  1. Place your stencil on the door mat as you would like. Begin painting the letters in using a sponge brush and desired acrylic paint colors. Use a dabbing motion instead of strokes when using the foam brush to have clean edges.

  1. Once completed remove the stencil and let the paint dry for 24-48 hours before placing it on the ground to be utilized.

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