DIY Custom Phone Grip

DIY Custom Phone Grip 9,185 views

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Project Time:40 minutes

The fun of doing it yourself is you can transform anything and everything – even your phone grips. Sure they come in an array of colors and styles, but it’s also fun to make some with your own designs and photos. That’s what we did here!



  1. Take your photo and print it out on your HP Sprocket Photo Printer, using the Sprocket app.

DIY Custom Phone Grip

  1. Use the nail file to sand down the top of the phone grip. DIY Custom Phone Grip
  2. Set it face down on the photo and trace around the circle, then cut.

DIY Custom Phone Grip

  1. Mix the two-part resin according the package directions.
  2. Line your work surface with wax paper.
  3. Apply dry adhesive to the center of the grip, then apply a small drop of resin on either side.
  4. Place picture on top of the grip.
  5. Carefully add the resin on top, go very lightly to the edge so it won’t spill over. It will spread as it cures.

DIY Custom Phone Grip

  1. Let cure on the wax paper overnight.
  2. Remove from wax paper and remove the sticky back and place it on your phone!

DIY Custom Phone Grip

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Kathy Cano-Murillo

Kathy is a writer/novelist, artist/illustrator and founder of the award-winning Learn More

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  1. why would you need the sticky back photo paper if you are going to use adhesive and resin to stick it to the phone grip? Also, do you purchase you phone grips in bulk? If so where?


  2. Hi! Because it helps set it in place so it won’t slide as you apply the resin. I bought mine at the store! I couldn’t find any that fit my style, so I was inspired to makeover one that I bought! Really fun!

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