DIY Custom Lunchbox Labels for Kids

DIY Custom Lunchbox Labels for Kids 919 views

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Project Time:10 minutes

With the kids back in school, I’m still trying to find creative ways to let them know that I miss them, am thinking about them, and give them a little motivation to do well without hovering too much … which is SO hard for me.

These lunchbox labels help out with this so much though. The best part is you can customize them each morning specifically for that day, and they take just a couple of minutes to make, print, and stick. Let’s say, for example, your child has a big test, had a disagreement with a friend the day before, is nervous about speaking in front of the class, has a field trip planned, or it’s their birthday, you can make a special message to send along with them to remind them to have a great day.



  1. Begin by opening up the Sprocket App on your smartphone.
  2. Take a picture using the app. You can either cover the picture by using the paintbrush icon (in the app – which you can see being used in the video below), or you can take a photo of scrapbook paper to create a pretty background.
  3. Add text and stickers to your design.
    DIY Custom Lunchbox Labels for Kids
  4. Then, send the finished design to print on your Sprocket Plus printer.
  5. Peel the backing off of the photo and either attach the label to the lunchbox, or I prefer to use it on the sandwich wrap, that way when I need to wash the lunchbox I don’t need to try to get the label off the lid first.
    DIY Custom Lunchbox Labels for Kids

DIY Custom Lunchbox Labels for Kids

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