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Project Time:30 minutes

If you like to doodle and decorate with your own cute drawings, this DIY Art Frame is a perfect photo craft for you! You can personalize your frame with all kinds of different doodles, pen colors and word art. Pair your art frame with a fabulous photo and you’ve got a great handmade gift to give someone special.


I recommend using a wood frame for this art project. An ink pen will bleed through the wood, so grab yourself some gel pens for your drawings. I used a black pen, but you could doodle with a whole rainbow of colors.

DIY Art Frame


  • Wood photo frame
  • Gel pen/s
  • Printed photo for your frame


  1. Grab a pen and draw whatever you’d like. Optionally, you can color in the drawing with other gel pen colors.

    DIY Art Frame
    DIY Art Frame
    DIY Art Frame
    DIY Art Frame
    DIY Art Frame

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