DIY 2019 Desk Calendar + A Photo A Day

DIY 2019 Desk Calendar + A Photo A Day 1,225 views

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Project Time:15 minutes

I cannot believe it’s already December! Time seems to pass by so fast and I must admit I’ve been horrible with keeping up with memories from this past year. While I have so many photos saved in my phone I didn’t get a chance to print them. For 2019 I set a goal to get photos out of my phone and display them in a simple creative way. Not only did I create a 2019 desk calendar for you this year, I also created a way to display your photos just by using index cards and your HP Sprocket.

This is really a great project anyone can create. You only need a few items, a few minutes each week and only fifteen minutes to complete the yearly calendar.

Let’s get started.



For the calendar, simply, print the printable (Download) and cut on the cut lines.  I used a wooden business card display to hold the calendar.

Now, for the fun part, selecting a photo to print each day and write something you are thankful for or a fun memory from the day, display this is a container on your desk and enjoy each day.  Have fun, keep up with memories and don’t forget to visit for more creative project ideas.

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