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Project Time:15 Minutes

You can use wax paper and your printer to transfer any image to a wood surface with this technique. We are using the method to make some Christmas ornaments but once you learn this technique you will be using it to make tons of crafts. With just a few supplies you probably already have in your home, you can transfer any image to wood using wax paper.

Custom Wood Ornaments


  • Wood surface (here we used wood slice Christmas ornaments)
  • Wax paper
  • Printer paper
  • Tape
  • Scissors
  • HP Printer and Ink
  • Water
  • Rag
  • Christmas ornament file (Download)
  • Cardboard or credit card


  1. Start by cutting a piece of wax paper slightly larger than a standard piece of printer paper.
    Custom Wood Ornaments
  2. Wrap the edges around the paper and tape in place. Continue around the entire piece of wax paper and make sure the edges are taped well into place.
    Custom Wood Ornaments
  3. Print onto the wax paper side using a standard printer. Make sure if there are words in your design that those are mirrored before printing. Cut the image from the wax paper being cautious not to touch the image as the ink will smear.
    Custom Wood Ornaments
  4. Wet your surface slightly with water and a rag. Place the wax paper with the image face down and rub well with some cardboard or a credit card. Pick up wax paper and you are left with an image on your wood surface.
    Custom Wood Ornaments
  5. This simple method of transferring an image to a wood surface is not completely perfect but it does make for a simple craft project. It is the perfect image transfer method for some rustic wood slice ornaments like these.

Custom Wood Ornaments

What project will you use this simple method of image transfer on? Let your imagination run wild!

Custom Wood Ornaments

Be sure to watch the video below for more details on how to complete this craft project.

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