Custom Photo Stickers with Sprocket

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Project Time:10 minutes

Make your own fun doodle art and decorate your photos with your HP Sprocket! In just a few steps, you can create your own custom photo art “stickers” using the Sprocket photo app. Decorate the photos and print them out in minutes, then share with your friends. Today I’m sharing how to use this fun app feature.

I was so excited to find out that we can now create custom photo stickers with the Sprocket app! It’s so much fun to decorate photos with your own cute doodles and notes. It is reallllllly easy to create these little icons. Just draw, scan and you’re set!


  • HP Sprocket Photo Printer
  • Sprocket app (I used my iPhone)
  • Paper
  • Black marker (I used a standard Sharpie)
  • Favorite Photos


  1. Draw or write simple designs on a piece of white paper with a black pen. The key to a successful icon is making nice, bold lines.
  2. Use the Sprocket app to capture the design you just drew. To find this feature:
    • Open the Sprocket app
    • Choose a photo
    • Click “edit” in the upper right of the photo view screen
    • Click the star
    • Click the plus (+) to add your own image
    • A camera view will display. Put your design within a clear view and tap the screen to capture the image.
  3. Once you have the design you want to use available in the Sprocket app, simply add it to your photo by adding it from the edit screen. You’ll find all your custom designs under the star screen in edit.

Custom Photo Stickers with Sprocket

Draw or write your design

Custom Photo Stickers with Sprocket

Capture and save your design with the Sprocket app

Custom Photo Stickers with Sprocket

Add your design to your photos

Custom Photo Stickers with Sprocket

Print your photos with your Sprocket… and share!


Tip about creating your custom designs: the images are all converted to write lines in the Sprocket app. So make sure to only use a black or dark colored pen. Multi-colored designs will appear as white on black, and colors on top of colors will not scan properly.

Have fun decorating your photos with the Sprocket app!

You can make all kinds of fun little designs to decorate your photos. Doodle, draw and write little notes. Once you add the images to the Sprocket app, you can use these custom stickers over and over. Personalize all your favorite photos, share them with your friends and even write custom notes. What will you create?

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