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Project Time:10 minutes

My daughter Katie got her cap and gown last week and all of a sudden we realized; we forgot the announcements!  Her high school graduation is less than a month away and there’s no time to order professional prints. Plus, with all the upcoming costs of college, who wants to spend on fancy announcements that people look at for 2 seconds and toss in the trash? Nope, we had a better idea:

Katie put on her cap and gown, we put a message on a felt letter board, and started snapping pics with her phone. We even had some fun with the pics, bringing Katie’s cat into the mix as well as her hallmark Starbucks Frappuccino drink.

She posted the photos to Instagram with captions about her graduation date and high school. And then we realized that this is exactly what announcements are!

We opened up the HP Social Media Snapshots app, pulled in our favorite pics from Instagram and added frames and stickers in the app. The app pulls in the captions from Instagram so you can easily edit them, add more emojis (you can never had too many), and get everything just right.

The we sent the photos through the app to print on the HP DeskJet 3755, the perfect compact printer for college students. Nothing wrong with putting those grad gifts to work early, right?

I hand lettered the addresses of our friends and family on the envelopes while Katie put her favorite photos into each envelope, choosing the prints that would be most meaningful to those recipients, and adding a dash of confetti stars in her school’s colors just for fun.

When friends and family receive these announcements, they can display them as a photo or peel away the sticker backing and add the print to their planner, scrapbook, or anywhere. Yes, HP Social Media Snapshots are stickers too!

If you’ve waited until the last minute to get your announcements created and sent out, HP Social Media Snapshots can save the day, turning your social media post of your cap and gown photo into an instant announcement. Ready, print, and done!



  1. Load the HP DeskJet 3755 with HP Social Media Snapshots Paper.
  2. Take fun graduation photos in your cap and gown. Hold a sign with the info about your accomplishment! Post the photos to social media.
  3. Select the images to print from social media within the HP Social Media Snapshots App.
  4. Edit the captions, add frames or stickers, and even color-correct the photos all within the App. Make sure the captions have all the pertinent graduation information such as the graduate’s name, school name, and the date.
  5. Send the photos from the app to the HP DeskJet 3755 to print.
  6. Insert the photos into envelopes with confetti and mail to family and friends.

Watch this video to see how to make DIY graduation announcements in moments using the HP DeskJet 3755 with the HP Social Media Snapshots paper and App.

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