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Project Time:20 minutes

March is all about celebrating books and reading. Get your kids in the spirit by creating these bookmarks that will help them to be thrilled about opening that next book!

With sayings like:

  • I love books;
  • Read with me;
  • Reading rocks;
  • Reading makes me smart; and
  • Books are the best

Readers of all ages are sure to be reminded of how important reading is to their success in school.


  • Celebrate Reading Bookmark printable (Download)
  • Cardstock paper
  • Blue and red large craft sticks (or paint plain ones with red and blue paint)
  • Glue
  • Red glitter glue


  1. Download the Celebrate Reading Bookmark printable and print. (Download)
  2. Insert blank cardstock paper and print. Celebrate Reading Bookmarks
  3. If you have red and blue craft sticks, great! Just grab them. If you have plain craft sticks, then paint them and allow time to dry. Celebrate Reading Bookmarks
  4. Cut the sayings and hats out. Be careful to make sure the sayings will fit on the craft sticks you chose. If you use large craft sticks, cutting slightly inside the dotted lines will have them fit nicely.
  5. Glue the sayings on the craft sticks. Celebrate Reading Bookmarks
    Celebrate Reading Bookmarks
  6. Cut a small slit in the hat and fit it through the end of the craft stick. Add the hat to the top! Celebrate Reading Bookmarks
    Celebrate Reading Bookmarks
    Celebrate Reading Bookmarks
  7. Put a small bit of red glitter glue to the red stripes on the hat. Celebrate Reading Bookmarks
  8. Share and enjoy! Celebrate Reading Bookmarks

Contributed by:

Amy Mascott

Amy is the creator of TeachMama.com, where since 2008, she has shared tools and resources parents Learn More

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  1. I just made these for my students as Valentine’s Day gifts and they turned out great! I whipped out 30 in about 90 minutes! Thanks so much for sharing this!

  2. I made these last year and my students loved them! I know they will love them this year as well! Thank you for sharing them.

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