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Project Time:15 minutes

When it comes to camping, one of the most important things to learn is how to organize. It doesn’t matter if you are driving an RV or wearing everything on your back; you want to save as much room as possible! This cool little box keeps you from dragging a ton of heavy spice bottles around. It’s pretty ingenious really – a pill container from the drugstore turned into a spice organizer! You don’t have to skimp on seasoning your food which this handy dandy organizer . . . it’s easy to make and you can carry up to seven spices at once. It’s very lightweight, too. Learn how to assemble it below!

Camping Spice Holder


Camping Spice Holder

Step 1

Print your spice labels on your HP Bright White Inkjet Paper. You have been provided with two different colorways and orientations for a total of 20 tags, but feel free to make your own based on the spices that you love! Once you’ve printed your labels, cut out the ones of your choosing.

TIP #1: You may need to adjust the size of the labels based on the size of your container; your printer should have a percentage (%) size and/or scale listed in the page setup. You can decrease or enlarge the size of the labels to fit using this function.

Camping Spice Holder

Step 2

Add double stick tape to the backs of all of your labels.

Camping Spice Holder

Step 3

Carefully smooth them onto the tops of each individual compartment on your container.

Camping Spice Holder

Step 4

When you’re done, simply fill each compartment with spices! But let’s say you want a little added protection?

Camping Spice Holder

Step 5

I’ll show you how to achieve this with the blue label colorway. Cut out the labels as you did before, adding double stick tape and smoothing onto the compartments.

Camping Spice Holder

Step 6

Simply cut a piece of packing tape slightly larger than each compartment. Place it down and smooth, being careful not to get any wrinkles.

Camping Spice Holder

Step 7

Open each container lid and pull back; use the scissors to trim. Smooth down the edges and repeat for the other compartments. That’s it!

Plus, the tape gives you some added durability and waterproofing for more rugged trips.

Camping Spice Holder

The nice thing is that in both cases, you can remove the labels and re-use your pill container for your actual pills! Or whatever else you like. Simply pour the remaining spices back into their original bottles and wash out the container. I love that this isn’t permanent if you don’t want it to be!

Camping Spice Holder

My family is planning on taking an RV trip down the West Coast early next year, and I can’t wait to show them this brilliant idea! They’re going to be so impressed. Be sure to make this and take it on your next camping adventure.

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