Beach Photo Memory Jar Craft

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Project Time:10 minutes

Collect a little sand and a few seashells on your next trip to the beach to create your own personal DIY Beach Photo Memory Jar!

My family loves going on vacation together. Our last vacation was my daughter’s first time visiting the ocean. We had an amazing time, and took a ton of photos. Instead of framing our photos, we decided to put together a Beach Photo Memory Jar to display our memories of the beach in a creative way!



Beach Photo Memory Jar Craft

  1. Download the HP Sprocket App to your mobile device. Load the HP Sprocket Photo Printer with HP Zink Photo Paper. In the app, select the photo you’d like to print. Make any photo edits, add stickers or borders, and save. Send the image via Bluetooth to the Sprocket to print.

Beach Photo Memory Jar Craft

  1. Use a fingernail at one corner of the photo to separate the backing from the HP Zink Photo Paper. Carefully peel it off, but try not to touch the back of the photo.

Beach Photo Memory Jar Craft

  1. Carefully place the photo inside the jar. Once the photo is where you’d like it, press it down well, especially around the edges.

Beach Photo Memory Jar Craft

  1. Pour some of the sand into the bottom of the jar. Then, arrange your collected seashells.

Beach Photo Memory Jar Craft

  1. Close the jar and display it on a shelf to relive the memories of your beach vacation!

Beach Photo Memory Jar Craft

Have fun making your own Beach Photo Memory Jar!

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