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Project Time:30 minutes

If you love to make your own art, creating an art travel journal is a great way to add your own style to your travel adventures. You can paint or color or doodle your ideas combined with your own fabulous travel photos. Make every art page as unique as the travel experience you’re sharing. I like to use watercolor paints in my journal, but you can use whatever favorite supplies you’d like. Consider using decorative papers or use your photos to make a collage… the design is totally up to you!


  • Sprocket and Zink paper
  • Favorite Travel Photos (on your phone)
  • Small notebook
  • Black permanent ink pen
  • Watercolor paints, colored pencils and other favorite art supplies


  1. Add color to your notebook pages. I like to use watercolor paints, so I paint the pages and allow them to dry.
  2. Add favorite Sprocket printed photos using the adhesive backing to attach photos to the paper.
  3. Draw, doodle and design the art page however you’d like. I’m a doodler, so I like to add doodle art to my pages. If you prefer to paint or add stickers or whatever art you like to create, do it!

Get creative and add your own personal touch to every page. You can write a story or add decorative lettering. If you don’t like to use your own handwriting, you can type up words and then glue them to your pages to make fun mixed-media art pages. Have fun with your art pages, share memories about the places you’ve been. Use this book as a journal that shows off your own unique artistic style!

You can also decorate the cover of this art journal. Check out my tutorial for designing a travel journal cover here.

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Jen Goode

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