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Project Time:10-15 Minutes

It’s that time of the year. Our kids are graduating and gearing up to start summer vacation.

Surprise your child’s favorite teacher with a gift made with lots of love and care.

My kids absolutely love to pick fresh fruit, this spring we’ve picked strawberries and blueberries at local u-pick farms.

While at the blueberry farm I suggested to the kids that they pick a punnet of blueberries for their teacher as well, and then when we got home I whipped up a printable card and popped it into each of the punnets so that they could give their teach the gift the next day.


  • Free Teacher Printable Card (Download)
  • Glue Stick
  • Popsicle Sticks
  • Punnet (or similar)
  • Fresh picked berries

A Freshly Picked Teacher Gift


  1. I was lucky enough to have all three of my kids at the blueberry farm with me, it’s not often I can convince my eldest son to come with us, but he happily picked blueberries too, and those ones we kept for our family to enjoy.

A Freshly Picked Teacher Gift

A Freshly Picked Teacher Gift

  1. If you aren’t sure where to buy cute punnets, head to your local craft store; I found both ceramic and paper ones in a variety of colors and for only a couple of dollars.
  1. Now print out my free printable card, available right here: Download.

A Freshly Picked Teacher Gift

  1. Glue a popsicle stick to the back of the card.
  1. And then pop a square of parchment or wax paper (whatever you have on hand) inside your punnet before popping the blueberries in.

A Freshly Picked Teacher Gift

  1. Once your glue has dried insert the card into the back of the punnet and you are ready to give your gift to your favorite teacher.

A Freshly Picked Teacher Gift

A Freshly Picked Teacher Gift

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