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Project Time:1-2 hours

When you are throwing a party with a large guest list, there is a good chance there will be invitees who would love to attend but who just can’t make it. This is a fun way to allow them to be a part of the festivities, even if they cannot be there in person. Use HP programs and products to create a fun photo wall to share the well wishes from all the guests that wish they could be there!



  1. Create party invitations using HP Photo Creations software. Design a coordinating card that will give guests who can’t make the party instructions for how to be part of the photo wall. Wish We Could Be There! Photo Area
  2. Create a unique hashtag for your event — check online first to make sure no one has used the hashtag before you. Instruct guests who can’t attend the party to upload a selfie to Instagram using the event’s hashtag. They should include their well wishes as the caption to the Instagram post.
  3. The day of the party, open the HP Social Media Snapshots app and search Instagram for your party’s hashtag. The app will automatically pull up any Instagram posts that have been tagged with that hashtag. Print out all of the selfies using your HP printer and HP Social Media Snapshots photo paper.
  4. Create a photo wall using the self-adhesive selfie photos and party decorations. Now even your out-of-town guests can be a part of the celebration! At the end of the night, the photos will peel off cleanly without damaging the wall underneath. Wish We Could Be There! Photo Area

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