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Project Time:10 Minutes

My go to wedding gift is to create a gift basket full of wine that the couple can enjoy. To personalize this gift a bit more, I like to attach tags to each bottle that lets the couple know what each bottle is for. The tags include the typical newlywed milestones like first house, first fight, first Christmas, first baby, etc. It’s always a big hit with the couple and only takes a few minutes to create!



  1. Print out the wine bottle printables (Download) on white cardstock using your HP printer and cut around the lines. Wedding Gift Wine Bottle Labels
  2. Create a card for the happy couple using the HP Card & Invitation Kit and HP Card app. You can print right from your phone using the app! Wedding Gift Wine Bottle Labels
  3. Place the wine bottles in a bucket and hang the printables on the bottles. Wedding Gift Wine Bottle Labels
  4. Gift to the newlyweds!

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Vanessa Coppola

Vanessa Rodriguez Coppola spreads her love of glitter and hot glue through her blog See Vanessa Learn More

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