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Project Time:20 minutes

I love looking at vacation photos that my friends share on Facebook. I have been able to vicariously visit several different continents through their posted travels. Sharing photos on Facebook is a fast and easy way to archive vacation photos. It’s far easier than uploading files to a third party site, sending them off to be printed, driving to the store to pick them up and then filing them all into albums.

Because of the hassle of getting photos developed, I’ve all but stopped putting family photos into real photo albums for safe-keeping. That stops now! The HP Social Media Snapshots app makes printing photos from your Facebook account SO SIMPLE! You can easily have an album full of vacation photos in minutes.



  1. Begin by installing the HP Social Media Snapshots App on your smartphone and linking up your Facebook account.
  2. Then select the Facebook photo album that houses all your vacation photos.

Vacation Photo Album

  1. Choose which photos to print and send them to your HP printer.
  2. Trim the photos into 4”x4” squares and slip those photos into your album. Wasn’t that easy?

Vacation Photo Album

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