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Project Time:20 minutes

Traveling has always been important to my husband and I. We enjoy visiting new places and trying local foods that we usually can’t find in our small town. The food is always one of my favorite parts about traveling! I recently started a travel journal documenting the food and restaurants we have tried over the years. It’s been great to look back and talk about our favorites and what we would like to go back to. Today I’m going to share how easy it to make your own food travel journal using a page I made from our Hawaii trip.


  • HP Sprocket Photo Printer
  • HP ZINK Sticky-backed Photo Paper
  • Travel Journal
  • Embellishments: stickers, paper, mini envelopes, paper clips


  1. Begin by downloading the free HP Sprocket app to your mobile device. You can select images from Instagram, Facebook, Google or your Camera Roll.
  2. Once I had my image selected I used the magic wand tool. This usually helps brighten up the colors and lighting. There are several adjustment tools within the app to help edit your image if needed. You can also add fun frames, stickers and text. Make sure your Sprocket is turned on and connected via Bluetooth, then all you have to do is hit print. Your picture will print within seconds and be ready to use.

  1. My favorite part of the Sprocket printer is the adhesive sticky-back. This makes scrapbooking and journaling so much easier! I usually keep a very minimal layout in my journal but decided to embellish the page with Hawaii themed stickers. I ended up removing a couple, like the tiki torch, in the end. That’s the great thing about travel journals, you can get as creative as you’d like or keep it simple. For me, it’s important to just have visual memories of the things we experienced on our trip. I enjoy looking back and seeing the foods we tried and the little details from the locations that I may have forgotten about.

The HP Sprocket has become one of my favorite tools to help make journaling and scrapbooking easy to do. If you’re like me with a lot of photos on your phone waiting to be printed, you will love the HP Sprocket!

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