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Project Time:10 minutes

Teachers deserve a world of thanks—let’s face it.

Day in and day out, they plan exciting lessons, they grade papers, they report to meetings, and they hang out with our children. For hours. Hours upon hours.

And they’re not just ‘hanging out’ with our children; rather, they’re shaping them. They’re guiding them, listening to them, supporting them and challenging them. They’re giving them the knowledge our kids need to succeed in this world. It’s awesome.

We should be thankful.

So for that one week each year when everyone stops to give teachers a wholehearted ‘thanks’, we have these cute, easy-print Teacher Appreciation Cards.

They’re simple. All you need to do is open your HP Photo Creations account and print out the card template.

Here are the links to the creations:

Then fold the paper into a quarter-fold card and have your child sign it. There’s a little spot for your child to personalize the card, to share what he or she is most thankful for.

Teachers may eventually toss mugs, ornaments, and little ‘Best Teacher’ knick-knacks, but most teachers I know keep a little box full of cards just like this to get them through the difficult days.



  1. Download and launch HP Photo Creations
  1. Download the Teacher Appreciation Cards template. Choose which of the three cards you’d like to use:

Here are the links to the creations:

  1. Open the link to the Teacher Appreciation Card you’d like and edit as necessary or just print and go!

Teacher Appreciation Cards

  1. Fold the card in half and then in half again.

Teacher Appreciation Cards

Teacher Appreciation Cards

Teacher Appreciation Cards

  1. Personalize the cards by writing a short message and signing.

Teacher Appreciation Cards

Teacher Appreciation Cards

Teacher Appreciation Cards

  1. Give to your favorite teacher to show your appreciation!

Teacher Appreciation Cards

teacher appreciation cards teachmama.com

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Amy Mascott

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  1. I downloaded the program, went to the projects, but can’t print. It keeps telling me to download the program again. I think there’s a step or two missing because there’s no where that says I can print anything.

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