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Project Time:10 minutes

There are so many memorable moments when you travel – remember them all with a take-with-you travel journal. Add photos from your phone instantly with the portable HP Sprocket printer. The 2×3” photos print straight from your phone and have an adhesive back, to make it super easy to create a travel journal on the go.

This idea isn’t only for travel, though. Use this instant journaling technique for a gardening journal, a scrapbook, or a child’s baby memory book.


  • HP Sprocket Printer
  • HP ZINK Sticky-backed Photo Paper
  • Small Notebook
  • Assorted journaling supplies, such as a pen, markers, washi tape, stickers
  • Mobile Phone


I found a great journal for this craft at the dollar store. You can also find journaling supplies there: when preparing for your trip, don’t forget to pack a pen, a roll of washi tape, and maybe some cute paperclips for clipping keepsakes like tickets and maps into your travel journal.

  1. Create a cover photo for your journal with your favorite photo editing app on your phone. I used the WordSwag app to create an image that said “Wanderlust” overlayed on one of my travel photos.
  2. As you travel, be sure to take pictures of your memorable moments. Whenever you have a quiet moment, print the images from your phone using the HP Sprocket printer.
    Sprocket Travel Journal

    3. Peel the backing off of the Sprocket photo and stick the photo on a page in your journal, then take a minute to jot down your fresh memories of the day’s travel.

Sprocket Travel Journal It doesn’t matter if you travel across the globe or to your favorite destination across town, memorable moments are everywhere. Take a few minutes to print out your favorite photos and include them in your travel journal.

Sprocket Travel Journal


Sprocket Travel Journal

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