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Project Time:10 minutes

It’s traditional to send a postcard from your vacation destination when you travel, but sending a pre-printed postcard is missing one very important thing: you! Add a photo of yourself in your vacation destination and add it to a postcard for a personal touch.

Print selfies from your phone instantly with the portable HP Sprocket printer, which is small enough to tuck into your carry-on bag. The 2×3” photos print straight from your phone and have an adhesive back, to make it super easy to print photos on the go.



  1. While on vacation, take photos of yourself in front of iconic places in your destination (like you normally would). Print your favorite vacation image from your phone using the HP Sprocket printer.
    Sprocket Selfie Postcards
  2. Buy postcards featuring your travel destination. Extra points if you get a postcard of a place where you took a selfie!
    Peel the backing off of the Sprocket photo and stick the photo on a postcard, then fill out the postcard, address and stamp it, and don’t forget to send it while you are still traveling.

Sprocket Selfie Postcards
Your family and friends appreciate receiving postcards from your travels, but these personalized selfie postcards are made even more special because they also share a moment from your vacation – featuring you!

Sprocket Selfie Postcards

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