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Project Time:20 Minutes

This project was developed in support of HP’s sponsored projects with Disney Family.

Creating a fun Disney Princess party for your little one can include some easy DIY crafts. Tangled is one of my daughter’s favorites, so we decided to throw a Rapunzel birthday party, complete with Rapunzel’s Braid and a fun Happy Birthday banner printable.


  • Avery® Textured White Scallop Round Tags 80503
  • Thick Yellow Thread
  • Small Rubber Bands
  • Scissors
  • Tape

Rapunzel Birthday Party

Rapunzel Birthday Party


  1. Download my Happy Birthday Rapunzel file here and save it to your computer.
  2. Go to Avery.com/OpenMyPrintly to open the files, design and print.
  3. Or you can download the Rapunzel image (Download) to your computer and insert it onto any Avery product at Avery.com/MyPrintly 

    Rapunzel Birthday Party
    Rapunzel Birthday Party

  4. Next we’re going to make the braid.
  5. Cut a piece of thread approximately 26 inches long.
  6. Cut a second piece of thread approximately 12 inches long.
  7. Fold the 26 inch piece of thread in half creating a loop.
  8. Using one of the small rubber bands, tie together the looped side of thread one and the second piece of thread.
  9. With a piece of tape, tape down the looped end of the thread and braid the three pieces of thread.
  10. Once at the bottom of the braid, secure with another small rubber band.
  11. Thread looped end through the back side of the top label hole and wrap around the milk jug.
  12. Pull end through the loop and pull securing the label and braid in place
  13. VIOLA, Rapunzel’s Braid!

Rapunzel Birthday Party

Rapunzel Birthday Party

Rapunzel Birthday Party

Rapunzel Birthday Party

Rapunzel Birthday Party

You can also find the printable HAPPY BIRTHDAY banner here (Invalid download ID.).

Rapunzel Birthday Party


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