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Project Time:30 minutes

This project was developed in support of HP’s sponsored projects with Disney Interactive.

Thank you cards are probably the least fun part of planning a birthday party. With the Star Wars app and your HP printer, it is easy to make thank you cards that are out of this world! Each guest will get to transform himself into a character from the Star Wars universe. You will then use those photos to create a thank you card perfectly customized for each of your guests.


  • Star Wars app
  • HP printer
  • HP photo paper
  • Black glitter tape
  • Scissors
  • Black cardstock cards


  1. Download the Star Wars app to your smartphone.
  2. Load your HP printer with HP photo paper.
  3. At the party, let each of your guests create his own Star Wars selfie using the Star Wars app. Guests can choose a character and design the world around them. The app will create a photo that seamlessly adds their face to the design.
  4. Print each of these selfies directly from the Star Wars app to your HP printer. Star Wars
  5. After the party, gather up all the photos and your other card supplies.
  6. Center a photo on the front of the card, and attach it with glitter tape.
  7. Add a thank you message to the inside of the cards and mail to your party guests to thank them for celebrating with you.

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