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Project Time:10 minutes

I love the storage unit we use to keep our kids toys organized… in theory. In practice, the toys get thrown in random bins so that in order to find what they want to play with they have to dump every single bin on the floor. If we could keep the toys properly sorted, we would have far fewer messes.

Labels are the obvious solution to our problem, but what if your kids are pre-readers? That’s where the HP Sprocket can help. In just minutes, you can make photo labels which stick right to the bins, making it easy for your children to sort and organize their toys.


  • Smartphone
  • HP Sprocket Photo Printer
  • HP ZINK Photo Paper
  • Sprocket app


  1. Decide what type of toys will be stored in each bin.
  2. Take a photo of the toys that belong in that bin using the Sprocket app.
    Organize Your Kids' Toys with HP Sprocket
  3. Send the photo to your Sprocket printer.
  4. Remove the adhesive backing and stick the photo to the bin.
  5. Have your kids get busy sorting! Organize Your Kids' Toys with HP Sprocket

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