Kids Weekly Calendar

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Project Time:10 minutes

With kids heading back to school, it’s time to get them organized and learning how to keep track of their own schedules.

We have created this fun and printable way for your kids to visually see their activities throughout the week!



    1. Print out the weekly calendar and activity sheet (Download).
      Kids Weekly Calendar
    2. Using your HP Smart App, print pictures of your kids in their activities right from your phone.
      Kids Weekly Calendar
    3. Cut large piece of magnetic sheet to fit size of clipboard
      Kids Weekly Calendar
    4. Cut out all activities.
    5. Glue flexible magnets to back of bottle caps, and the activity to the front of the bottle cap.
      Kids Weekly Calendar
    6. Peel the back of the small picture magnetic sheets and attach to back of kid activity photos. Cut silhouette of the child.
      Kids Weekly Calendar
    7. Hang clipboards on wall, and clip printed weekly calendar to each board. Kids Weekly Calendar

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