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Project Time:30 Minutes

Now that summer is upon us, produce stands and farmer’s markets are displaying delicious, local fruits and vegetables. If you are a canner, you can have the taste of freshly picked fruits all year long by making delicious jams and jellies.

Whether you keep the jams for yourself or share them with friends, it’s important to keep the jars labeled so you can tell your strawberries from your cherries. Use your HP printer and fantastic Avery labels to create personalized labels for your canned goods.


  • Avery Design & Print Online
  • Avery Labels:
    • Avery® Print-to-the-Edge Round Labels 22817, Glossy White, 2″ Diameter
    • Avery® Print-to-the-Edge Round Labels 22818, Kraft Brown, 2-1/2″ Diameter
  • HP Printer
  • Mason Jars
  • Jam


If you use standard mason jars, choose Avery’s 2” Print-to-the-Edge Round Labels 22817. If you are using wide mouth jars, you will want the 2.5” Print-to-the-Edge Round Labels 22818. Fill the jars with your delicious homemade jam.

Homemade Jam Labels

Homemade Jam Labels

While the jam is cooling, visit Avery.com/MyPrintly to create custom labels for the jar lids.

To make custom mason jar labels:

  1. Enter the product number of your labels into the Print It Yourself search bar.
  2. Choose a label design from the available templates. I chose a design from the Food & Beverage category.
  3. Select the design you like best, and click Next. This will open the free Avery software.
  4. You can make any adjustments you would like to the design. Change colors, fonts, and shapes. Add your own text. Have fun!
  5. When you are finished, either save your design to your Avery account or your own computer.
  6. Click Preview and Print.
  7. Click Print to send the labels to your HP printer. Be sure to load the labels face down in the main tray.

Menu Cards:

  1. Create coordinating cards by finding the Apply Design to Another Product at the bottom right side of the print preview screen.
  2. Click Other products.
  3. Search for Menu Cards in the search bar (or enter 80505).
  4. Select the Menu Cards and click Next.
  5. Your design will automatically be applied to the menu card design.
  6. Make any adjustments you would like, and print as above.

Homemade Jam Labels

Apply the printed labels to the jar lids, close up the jars, and hand them out to your friends!

Homemade Jam Labels

If you would like use my design, click here to download and save my file. Then open it at Avery.com/OpenMyPrintly. You can modify it any way that would like and print!

For more information on how to make my Strawberry Rhubard Freezer Jam, check out my post over on MadInCrafts.com.

Homemade Jam Labels

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