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Project Time:10 minutes

We’re gearing up for the fall entertaining season with multiple Halloween parties in our family. Whether you’re throwing a big family Halloween bash or letting your teen and her high school friends throw a Halloween party, it’s easy to craft beautiful invites in minutes with HP Card & Invitation Kits.

Anyone can use the HP Photo Creations software to design custom invitations, cards, and announcements. Use the themes and graphics to customize the look of the invitation, adding your own wording and flair. You can even add photos to the invites if you like! We misspelled “snacks” as “snaacks” on our invites because it is an inside joke with my daughter’s friends. These are truly custom invites!

The flat cards with rounded corners in the HP Card & Invitation Kit really give the invitations a finished, custom look that makes them feel expensive. A hand lettered envelope addressed to each attendee makes them feel extra special. In this day of social media invites and event, custom invitations like these can make your event stand out above the rest!

Here’s what you’ll need to make this project:

Fast Halloween Party Invites


  • HP Envy 5540 Printer
  • HP Card & Invitation Kit – Glossy Rounded Corner Cards
  • HP Photo Creations software (free)
  • Markers for lettering the envelopes


  1. Open the HP Photo Creations software. Select 5×7 document size.
  2. Load the HP Envy 5540 printer with the cards from the HP Card & Invitation Kit.
  3. Start designing your invitation in the software. When finished, send the image to the HP Envy 5540 printer to print.
  4. Hand letter guests’ names on the envelopes. Seal invitation cards inside each envelope. Add confetti for more fun!
  5. Send invitations to the guests.

Fast Halloween Party Invites

Guests can save the invites to keep on a mood board or in a scrapbook. If you leave the photo spot blank, they can add their photo from the party to it! See how to print custom invites in this video:

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