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Project Time:15 minutes

Decorative planners are super popular right now. Embellishing your monthly calendar with stickers, washi tape, and colorful pens makes planning your month much more enjoyable. Instead of just using store-bought embellishments, try printing out your own photo stickers! You can use the adhesive HP Social Media Snapshots paper to print photos that can be used as stickers in your planner.



  1. Download the PicCollage app onto your smart phone (iOS or Android).
  2. Load 8 photos into the program.
  3. Choose the grid where all photos are equal size. DIY Photo Stickers
  4. Reduce the margins in between the photos.
  5. Adjust photo cropping as necessary.
  6. Send the collage to your HP printer.
  7. Print the collage on HP Snapshots paper. DIY Photo Stickers
  8. Cut the photos apart and add them to your planner. DIY Photo Stickers

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