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Project Time:30 minutes

With kids back to school, this means their social circles are about to widen. They will be asking for playdates and get-togethers, and, of course, we moms will be responsible for coordinating them! Make the process a little bit simpler by printing your own “Mom Cards.”

Mom cards are like business cards, but they contain the information other parents will need to identify and contact you. When your child’s new best friend wants to schedule a playdate, just hand her parent one of your mom cards so she has all your information at her fingertips.

To keep all those little cards from getting lost in your purse, you can make a simple felt holder to keep them corralled and tidy. Here’s how:

DIY Mom Cards and Felt Holder



  1. Begin by printing your mom cards on HP Brochure Paper or . Be sure to include both your name and your child’s name, as well as your email and phone numbers.
  2. Cut the cards out to 3.5” x 2”.

    DIY Mom Cards and Felt Holder

  3. Place one card flush against the edge of a piece of felt — leaving about .5” of clearance on either side. Mark those lines with a pen.
  4. Flip the felt over and place the card so it is hanging slightly over the end of the felt. Use the other end of the card as a guide and fold the felt back on itself. Pin the felt in place.
  5. Cut the felt along your marked lines, then flip the felt inside out and repin so there is no ink showing.
  6. Sew the two long sides of the felt together with a blanket stitch.
    DIY Mom Cards and Felt Holder
  7. Store your new mom cards in the handy felt holder!

    DIY Mom Cards and Felt Holder

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