DIY Magnetic Chore Chart

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Project Time:2 hours

With school back in session it’s a great time to start thinking about routines. Over the summer, our chore chart went out the window! I was using a whiteboard and half of the chores “mysteriously” got erased from the board. I’m not pointing fingers but… well, let’s just say a whiteboard chore chart wasn’t going to work anymore.

That’s why I created this printable chore chart for my family. It’s easy to make with the HP Envy 7855 Inkjet Printer, HP Photo Paper, and HP Matte Brochure Paper. At a glance, you’ll be able to see which chores are completed as the kids mark their chores “done” with custom photo magnets of their own faces.

And you don’t even need a computer. You can print everything you need right from your PHONE!

DIY Magnetic Chore Chart



  1. Download the Printable Chore Chart to your mobile phone (Download).
  2. Edit the pdfs to add your child’s names and chores OR write the chores and names onto the paper with a permanent marker after printing.
  3. Load the tray of the HP Envy 7855 Inkjet Printer with HP Brochure Paper, Matte.
  4. Using the App, send the Printable Chore Chart to print on the HP Envy 7855 Inkjet Printer.
  5. Run the printed sheets through a sticker maker with a magnet/lamination cartridge installed. Or apply lamination sheet to the front of the paper and magnet paper to the back or each printed sheet.
  6. Cut apart each of the chore tabs with scissors, rounding the corners.
  7. Create a photo collage with photos of each child.
  8. Load the photo tray of the HP Envy 7855 Inkjet Printer with HP Photo Paper, Glossy, 4×6.
  9. Using the APP, send the collage photo to print on the HP Envy 7855 Inkjet Printer.
    DIY Magnetic Chore Chart
  10. Print one photo for each chore assigned to the child.
  11. Punch circles from each photo of each child’s face using a 1.25” circle punch.
    DIY Magnetic Chore Chart
  12. Glue each photo to the back of a flat back glass marble using Aleene’s Clear Gel Tacky Glue. Allow to dry.
    DIY Magnetic Chore Chart
  13. Add a magnet to the back of each flat back glass marble.
    DIY Magnetic Chore Chart
  14. Arrange the chore tabs on a white board under each child’s name.
  15. Arrange the magnets under the column of chore tabs.
  16. As the child completes a chore, they move one of their magnets to cover the circle icon on the left side of each chore tab.
    DIY Magnetic Chore Chart

Watch this video to see how to make your own version of this DIY chore chart with your kids’ photos:

To see how I use this chore chart in action, including our pay schedule and more, please check out

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