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Project Time:15-30 minutes

If you are like me, you can’t really get started on your day until you are properly caffeinated. This quick project will let you advertise your love of coffee on your desk with a handy stand-up calendar. You can even match your computer to your calendar by downloading coordinating desktop wallpaper!



  1. Download my Coffee Lovers calendar graphics (Download).
  2. Open HP Photo Creations, and select Calendars>Stand-Up Desk Calendars>Design Your Own.
  3. Choose the month you would like your calendar to start, and the software will populate the calendar with the correct dates and holidays.
  4. Click Add Item>Photos and upload the coffee graphics.
  5. Choose one of the graphics to add to your calendar.
  6. Adjust the color and spacing until the calendar looks just how you want it to.
  7. Print the calendar onto HP matte brochure paper using your HP printer.
  8. Follow the diagram on the bottom of the printed calendar to assemble the calendar.

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Jessica Hill

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