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Project Time:20 minutes

With the new year a lot of people tend to re-organize, purge, and get organized for the coming year. My daughter designed a simple wall calendar that’s perfect for above her desk, but really, can be placed anywhere in the home, from the kitchen, above the school backpack hooks, or in a home office.


  • Free printable month and date cards (Download)
  • Piece of wood – alternatively we found a simple plain wood sign with cord hanger for just a few dollars at the craft store.
  • White paint and paintbrush
  • White paneling nails and a hammer


My daughter started by making this, but she knew she wanted it eventually in colors to match her bedroom decor, so I suggested making printable cards, and painting the sign, and so that is what we did.

  1. Print out the month and date cards (Download) on HP Photo paper and print on your HP printer.
  2. Cut out each card, and then hole punch the top center.
    A Simple DIY Wall Calendar
  3. Paint your wood sign with 2 coats of wood paint, and roughen it up a little with sandpaper if you want a worn look.
    A Simple DIY Wall Calendar
  4. Hammer the paneling nails across the top, and hang your cards from each.
    A Simple DIY Wall Calendar
  5. Hang your calendar on the wall.
    A Simple DIY Wall Calendar
    A Simple DIY Wall Calendar

Watch the video below to learn more and pin this post for later.

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